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Boost your Instagram reach effortlessly!You can use the Grum Instagram Content Idea Generator to find ideas that align with your goals and what you like. Then, simply bring those wonderful ideas to life, and start flying higher on Instagram.

How Does the Grum Content Idea Generator Work?

To use the Content Idea Generator, follow these steps:

  • Simply type in a topic you’re interested in. Your topic can be anything: a short sentence, a couple of detailed paragraphs, or even a personal story. Don’t stress about making it perfect; the Generator is designed to work with whatever you provide. However, more specific prompts will provide more narrowed topics.
  • Press “generate content ideas.” It’ll take less than 15 seconds for the Generator to come up with content ideas for you. 
  • Click “copy content ideas” to save these ideas for later use.
  • If you find an idea you really like and want to expand on it, just drag it back to the “topic” field and hit “generate content ideas” again to develop new ideas, based on that one.

It’s that easy to fill your Instagram with the kind of content that makes your audience keep coming back for more! 

Tips to Incorporate Content Ideas into Your Instagram Content Strategy

So, how can you make the best out of this Content Idea generator? Your Instagram content strategy is your plan for winning over your audience with your captivating posts and stories. It’s about using your content to meet your marketing goals, like making more people aware of your brand, reaching a wider audience, or boosting sales.

Often, the toughest part is coming up with good content ideas, but that’s where our Instagram Content Idea Generator can help. Wondering how to fit these ideas into your strategy? Follow the tips below.

1) Align with Your Goals

When choosing content ideas from those generated by the Instagram Content Idea Generator, make sure they align with your content marketing objectives. For instance, if your goal is to increase brand awareness, pick ideas that seem to best promote your brand.

An effective approach is to include your content marketing goal directly in the “topic” field. For example, if you’re selling perfumes and aim to boost brand awareness, you could enter something like “Generate content ideas for lavender perfume. My marketing goal is brand awareness” into the Generator. This way, the ideas you get will be more tailored to helping you achieve your goal. 

2) Understand Your Audience

It’s great to set your content marketing goals, but knowing what your Instagram followers prefer is absolutely essential. To figure out what makes your audience engage with your content—like making a purchase, liking or commenting on your posts, sharing them, etc.—look at your past posts to find which ones got the most interaction. Then, investigate why these posts were so popular.

We’ve created this list of 10 questions you can ask yourself to understand why your audience enjoyed those posts so much:

  1. What specific elements (visuals, hashtags, captions) were used in the higher-performing posts?
  2. How did the engagement on these posts (likes, comments, shares) compare to the average?
  3. What time and day were these posts published?
  4. Did these posts feature any trending topics or hashtags?
  5. Were there any collaborations or mentions of other accounts involved?
  6. What was the call-to-action in these posts, if any?
  7. How did the audience demographics (age, location, interests) of these posts compare to the overall follower demographics?
  8. Did these posts incorporate any user-generated content or community shoutouts?
  9. How did the content of these posts align with current events or seasonal trends?
  10. Were any promotional strategies or paid promotions used for these posts?

By taking the time to answer some questions, you can discover the kind of content your audience enjoys. Once you know this, use the information to guide the Content Idea Generator when coming up with new content ideas.

3) Plan Your Instagram Content Calendar

Choosing content ideas at random for your Instagram posts isn’t the best approach. Instead, creating an Instagram content calendar is a smarter strategy. This calendar outlines what content you’ll post, when you’ll post it, and in what format.

If you’re new to making a content calendar, here’s a simple way to start using ideas from the Grum Content Idea Generator:

  • Use Grum to generate as many content ideas as you need.
  • Copy these ideas into a notepad on your computer.
  • Organize these ideas by format: ideas for short reels, ideas for long reels, ideas for photo posts, and ideas for carousels.
  • Decide how often you want to post on Instagram each week.
  • Use a spreadsheet app to schedule each content idea for specific posting dates.

That’s it! You’ve created your Instagram content calendar.

4) Experiment and Adapt

Not every idea will be a hit, you have to be ready to face any challenges. If a content idea doesn’t succeed, don’t get discouraged. Keep trying different ideas and approaches until you find what really works for your Instagram posts. Don’t stop until you find “eureka!” moment where everything clicks.

5) Engage with Your Audience

When you post on Instagram or update your stories, you really want people to interact with what you’ve shared. To get them more involved, you can use Grum’s Content Idea Generator. Ask it for ideas that spark engagement, like polls or Q&As. You can also ask for suggestions on which user-generated content (content made by other people on social media) will be most popular on your Instagram page.


Now, let’s cover some possible questions that may cross your mind.

What Is Grum Instagram Content Idea Generator?

The Grum Instagram Content Idea Generator is a free tool that helps you come up with content ideas from any topic. Feel free to describe your topic in detail. If you’re not sure how to briefly describe your idea, just put your thoughts into the generator as they are. It will take your input and give you content ideas that might surprise you, all based on what you’ve provided. Grum can create 9 to 10 content ideas in one go.

What is an AI that gives you ideas called?

An idea generator is a tool, often powered by AI, that suggests topics for you to post about based on what’s currently popular and engaging. It’s really helpful for content creators looking to keep their posts new and interesting for their audience.

What is the best AI content idea generator?

The top tool for generating content ideas is the Grum Instagram AI Content Idea Generator. It’s advanced enough to follow your specific instructions to come up with content ideas. While it’s designed mainly for Instagram, it can also create ideas for other social media platforms and blogs if you request it.

Is there a free content idea generator?

Many free content idea generators are available, but they vary in how good and original their ideas are. However, we believe that the best one out there is the Grum Instagram Content Idea Generator.

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